AC30 Series [Complete Drive Package]

AC Variable Frequency Drives, KW rated

The AC30V variable speed drives provide users with exceptional levels of motor control for general purpose industrial applications up to 132kW. A range of communications, feedback and I/O options are available separately.

The AC30 variable speed drive range has been designed to provide users with exceptional levels of control, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. Its flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required. The AC30 has been designed with simplicity in mind, but this doesn't compromise its functionality. Integrated macros for a range of applications and PLC functionality enable more capable users to create sophisticated control that would previously have required a separate PLC. Designed for operation in environment class 3C3 and 3C4 for Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) as standard (tested at 25 ppm for 1200 hours) and temperatures up to 50 °C. The AC30 also utilises a DC link choke to reduce line harmonics and is available with an optional integrated EMC filter to C2 1st environment.

Note: AC30 power stacks and interchangeable control modules are also available as separate components, offering higher power ratings of up to 450kW, advanced levels of automation control and greater design flexibility - see the "AC30 Series [Power Modules]" and "AC30 Series [Control Modules]" pages in the recommended products section for more details.

• Air conditioning
• Heating
• Refrigeration
• Ventilation
• Other HVAC
• Marine & Offshore
• Air & Gas Compressors
• Factory Automation
• Printing & Marking Equipment
• Miscellaneous Industrial
• Converting
• Pulp & Paper
• Food & Beverage
• Wire & Cable Processing


- Flexibility
• Open-loop or optional closed-loop operation with pulse encoder feedback module
• Suitable for operation with AC induction and Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) servo motors
• Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP as standard
• I/O expansion options
• Support for popular industrial fieldbuses
• Chassis or through-panel mount as standard
• Advanced control with Parker Drive Developer (PDD) advanced software tool

- Simplicity
• Easy to configure with Parker Drive Developer (PDQ) software tool
• Multi-language graphical keypad
• Quick start wizards
• Terminal covers removable with drive in-situ

- Reliability
• Conformally coated for harsh environment protection as standard
• Spring clamp control terminal connections
• Isolated power stack cooling with removable fan
• ‘Black Box' trip recorder captures key events and parameters leading up to a trip to aid fault finding

• Industrial pumps
• Drive Controlled Pumps
• Industrial fans
• Conveyors / handling
• Lifts / elevators
• Cranes and Hoists
• Centrifuges
• Extruders
• Test stands
• Winders

Technical Specifications:
Earth Leakage Current: >10 mA (all models)
Input Power Factor: 0.94
Product Enclosure Rating:
IP20 - remainder of surfaces (Europe)
UL (c-UL) Open Type (North America/Canada)
[Cubicle mounted] : IP20 UL (c-UL) Open Type (North America/Canada)
[Through-panel mounted] : IP20 UL (c-UL) Open Type (North America/Canada)

Maximum Switching Frequency:
4 kHz up to maximum of 12 kHz (de-rating may apply)

Output Frequencies:
0...500 Hz at 4 kHz switching frequency
0...1000 Hz at 8 kHz switching frequency
0...1500 Hz at 12 kHz switching frequency

Operating Humidity:
Maximum 85 % relative humidity at 40 °C non-condensing
Atmosphere: Non-flammable, non-corrosive and dust free
Climatic Conditions: Class 3k3, as defined by EN60721-3-3
Chemically Active Substances:
For the standard product, compliance with EN60271-3-3 is:
• Both classes 3C3 and 3C4 for Hydrogen Sulphide gas (H2S) at a concentration of 25ppm for 1200 hours
• Both classes 3C1 (rural) and 3C2 (urban) for all 9 defined substances as defined in table 4 Operating Vibration: Test Fc of EN60068-2-6
10 Hz<=f<=57 Hz sinusoidal 0.075 mm amplitude
57 Hz<=f<=150 Hz sinusoidal 1 g
10 sweep cycles per axis on each of three mutually perpendicular axis

The AC30 series AC drives listed on this page meet the following standards when installed in accordance with the relevant product manual:
• Overvoltage Category : Overvoltage category III (numeral defining an impulse withstand level)
• Pollution Degree :
- Pollution Degree II ( non-conductive pollution, except for temporary condensation) for control electronics
- Pollution Degree III (dirty air rating) for through-panel mounted parts
• North America/Canada : Complies with the requirements of UL508C and CSA22.2 #14 as an open-type drive
• Europe : This product conforms with the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
• EMC Compatibility : CE Marked in accordance with 2004/108/EC (EMC Directive)
• RoHS Compliance : This product complies with RoHS substance restrictions in accordance with EC Directive 2011/65/EU
• DNV Marine Certification (0.75 to 75 kW) : AC30 is suitable for use in marine and offshore applications
Designed to put you in control of your energy savings:
AC30 variable speed drives are supplied complete with a raft of features designed to simplify pump and fan control. In addition to quick setup, dedicated pump and fan macros, there are a number of other features dedicated to energy-saving pump and fan control such as :
• Automatic belt breakage detection : Interactive monitoring of the running conditions of a fan allows AC30 to detect a breakage in the drive belt between the fan and motor, stop the motor and indicate an alarm condition.
• Catching a spinning load - "fly-catching" : The fan control algorithms enable the AC30 to detect when a fan is free-wheeling and to regain control of it before running it at the commanded speed.
• PID Control : Multiple PID control loops can be programmed to monitor process variables and adjust the speed of the motor accordingly to achieve the required variable setpoint.
• Intelligent Pump Profiles : Our advanced intelligent pump control algorithms monitor motor loads and provides users with a number of features designed specifically for pump control applications, such as : - Pump dry running protection - Flow detection (low and no-flow) - Blocked pump detection
• Essential services (Fire mode) : Selected via digital input, Fire mode will cause the drive to run continuously at the maximum programmed speed ignoring all other control signals and alarm conditions.
• Energy Optimisation : Under constant speed conditions, the motor power waveforms from the drive are optimised to reduce motor energy consumption without compromising performance.
• Skip Frequencies : Up to 4 speed and frequency bands can be programmed in the AC30, to enable resonant points on the fan to be avoided, reducing vibration, wear and noise.
• Timed Run Function : 10 daily start/stop events can be programmed with different running speeds across a 7 day period. This function requires the optional Real Time Clock (RTC) module and is ideally suited to applications where regular operating patterns or periods of activity need to be accomodated, such as in a production environment.
• Process Timers : Multiple hours-run timers can be programmed to generate text alerts on the drive keypad to coincide with process maintenance intervals.

Parker Drive Quicktool (PDQ) Software:
PDQ is a programming, monitoring and diagnostic software platform for the AC30 series variable speed AC drive. Communication between the drive and PC is via the in-built Ethernet port at the top of of the drive. The software will automatically detect all AC30's connected to the Ethernet network. A number of wizards guide users through every aspect of using the software :
- Setup wizards guide the user through every stage of commissioning a new drive, or reconfiguring an existing drive; from selecting a motor from the supplied database, or entering specific motor data, through to configuring application macro's or control logic to suit your specific application.
- Tuning wizards allow technicians to monitor and adjust drive parameters in either a simple predefined environment or an advanced mode which allows access to every parameter in the drive.

Parker Drive Developer (PDD) Software:
PDD is a fully featured PLC programming tool for the AC30 series variable speed drive, supporting all IEC-61131 languages including ladder logic, structured text and function block diagrams. It provides access to all drive parameters and enables the user to create powerful AC30 drive solutions. It's also possible to create custom parameters and menus so the user can describe the setup and status of the drive in the context of their own application. To help start the development process Parker provides pre-installed libraries with the following functionality:
• Basic Speed Control
• Fan and Pump Control
• Winder Blocks
• Hydraulic Control
• Cascaded Pump Control
• Peer-Peer communications
BRAND Parker
DRIVE FORMAT Single Axis Technology
OUTPUT RATING (KW) 1.1 - 132kW
Sensorless Vector
Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Motor
Modbus RTU
Ethernet IP
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (C) 0-40C Normal Duty / 0-45C Heavy Duty (derate up to 50C max)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE (F) 32-104F Normal Duty / 32-113F Heavy Duty (derate up to 122F max)
OPERATING ALTITUDE Up to 1000m ASL (derate > 1000m)
OVERLOAD RATINGS Heavy Duty Rating (Constant Torque) : 150% for 60s / 180% for 3s
Normal Duty Rating (Variable Torque) : 110% for 60s / 180% of HD FLC. for 3s
UL Listedc
UL Listed
RoHS Compliance
Overvoltage Category III
Pollution Degree II
Pollution Degree III
DNV Marine Certification (0.75 to 75kW)